Your no-sulfur-added, vegan-friendly specialist

Your no-sulfur-added, vegan-friendly specialist

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Kusafiri Organic wines is a small family owned winery on the foot of the Paardeberg, South Africa.

We specialize in organic, no-sulfur-added, vegan-friendly wine, and we are firm believers that you should be kind to yourself as well as the environment. As winemakers, we are passionate about making great, environmentally friendly wines at affordable everyday prices.

We’re one of the few cellars making no-sulphur-added wines in South Africa, and the only one focusing on this winemaking style.

"Kusafiri" is the Swahili word for JOURNEY

After meeting on their annual African Safaris, Klaas Coetzee & Sandro Bertuol became steadfast friends – their resulting journey into wines was as natural and organic as the sun-drenched landscape they explored together.

Kusafiri Wines is the result of a Swiss’s search for authenticity and the superb skill of a South African winemaker. Their voyageu vin showcases one of the most fascinating plants of Africa, the “Koekemakranka”, a rare and sought-after species – much like the quality wine they produce.

What is a Koekemakranka?

Gethyllis (probably from Greek “gethyon” meaning “bulb”), commonly called Kukumakranka, Koekemakranka, or Kroekemakrank, is a genus of bulbous plants in the Amaryllid family with some 33 accepted species.

It is native to the Sandveld of the Cape Province, the Transvaal and Orange Free State of South Africa, as well as Botswana and Namibia.

All Kusafiri’s wines are as endemic, authentic and natural as the Gethyllis that you can find in nature.

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